STS 0.00% 72.0¢ srg limited


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    Well we go sub $1, never thought I would see the day. On the back of statements that they are in best position of companies hiostory, poised ot withstand and downturn and all segments flying along.

    Now we may see 70 or 80c in next week especially if US gets hammered which is likely.

    Does not make sense to me, yield is up to 12% and would only see divvidend increases you would think from here.

    They need a strong half and also need to prove they have gained more work with an updated order book situation.

    i do nto know how much mroe of this I can take too be honest befoer somethign gives. The other thign is we may see a recovery but STS may take a year or 2 to get back to even say $2 or $1.50.

    A good company caught up in this mess.
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