Ridge's list of big winners for next year

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    G'day folks,

    'cerhob' has brought to attention the outcome of a list of stocks put forward by H.C. members a year ago forecast to be those that would perform the market. As you would expect some were up and some were down but the list on average exceeded the XAO. Thanks to cerhob for being attentive enough to bring the subject up.

    This is your chance to have have your hottest pick included in the 'recommended list' for the next twelve months so I want you all to nominate one. Remember this is a long haul race to pick investment growth stocks, not those that whiz up one day and down the next on some fairy story or pretext. The stock cannot be withdrawn halfway or traded for another, it has to stand the test of time over the next twelve months.

    Any forum member that nominates more than one stock will only have the first nominated stock included. Multiple nominations of one stock will only be counted once.

    Put 'em up by the close of business Thursday and I will summarise the list and post it, hopefully within a couple of days thereafter.
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