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ridge had it right

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    Subject re: coming down, but to where
    Posted 07/05/03 22:42 - 286 reads
    Posted by Ridge
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    Spies tell me to expect some good news soon. Don't know exackery when but MkII is probably the news - plus the US military decision even sooner. What the share price will do tomorrow I haven't a clue but where it will be in the not to distant future is a fair bit north of where it is today.


    Looks like Ridge had it pretty right. AFEB report out early this morning, followed by announcement of early availability of QFTB MkII (July).

    Note that QFTB2 is now named QFTB GOLD

    The following is a cross post from Ozestock (just in case you are interested)

    G'day all, I've just read the recommendations through a couple of times and the following are my observations/opinions.

    Firstly, and most importantly, AFEB have not put any hurdles in the way of QFT becoming the LTBI test for the military. Assuming that the Surgeon General follows the recommendations then we should get approval from the Surgeon General. Following that, we can finally start making sales to the military. I believe that it should take no more that 12 weeks to get this approval.

    The first part of the report basically confirms, in a very positive way, that the company have comprehensively addressed all the requierements that the AFEB raised back in 2000.

    Point 7 in the report highlights the ongoinmg problems that the military has with the existing TST and furthermore, very importantly, points out that in addition to providing a better and more convenient test,it will be cost neutral.

    The actual recommendations that have been made (point 9) are basically exactly in line with CDC recommendations.

    The Cellestis Newsletter has just come out which summarizes the situation better than I can so I'll break here.

    I note that QFTB2 has now been renamed QFTB GOLD. This now becomes available in July this year (rather than late this year as expected). Hopefully, this should help with speeding up the Japan approval process.

    Busy morning! I need a cup of coffee.


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