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    G'day again tallguy,

    Picking my brains shouldn't take long!

    Choice of investment style is really a personal issue often related to age, risk profile and general knowledge of investment alternatives. For example younger people are more likely to have a higher risk profile than older folks because they have time to recover from a poor investment outcome most normally having an income derived from employment to help them along. The higher the risk normally the potentially higher gains but things can go wrong.

    The ultra conservative end of the scale is likely to be retired folk with no ability to recover losses and who have a need for a capital base to fund their existance - no capital no cafe latte. To these people very low growth stable companies that pay dividends are ideal. They plod along paying, say, 5% fully franked dividend and increasing in value 3 - 4% p.a. (sometimes less sometimes a little more.

    Now providing these folk have a diversied portfolio that minimises risk even further what they have is an inbuilt income growth to keep pace with inflation whilst maintaining the current day (inflation included) value of their asset base. If they wish to leave a legacy to their offspring, or whomever, that legacy is likely to be preserved no matter what age they live to.

    Of course they could have an entire portfolio of duds and end up going out the door backwards or occassionally might suffer a PAS (not that PAS was a stable company). Portfolios do therfore need to be regularly reviewed even in this category.

    Of course if they have no offspring and wish to spend all their funds an annuity or similar is possibly the way to go.

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