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Ride the highs and lows

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    The best thing to do with this share is ride the highs and lows like I did on Friday.
    I bought in at 3.9c sold at 4.9c. then bought again at 4.2c and held through to the close.
    The plan is to hold for the buyer frenzee early Monday morning and then sell as it starts to fall.
    The trick is not to get greedy, this is the biggest downfall.
    If I sell at say 5.6c for example, if it goes up to 6c I wont buy back in.
    I will wait for the next drop down to 5c or so.
    If it doesent drop and it passes 7c and holds I will just say see you later and go to the next one.
    My feeling is that this could go back to 10c quickly but am not willing to take that chance as quick money is the go here.
    Too many ??? with management and that with high debt and falling copper prices makes the risk to dangerous to hold for the long term.
    Im thinking 3-5 days left in trading for this one.
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