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    Alan Jones predicted that Tony Abbott would on as usual? No. He doesn't get it right all the time and that was a colossal blunder.

    BTW Labor didn't lose by many seats, it's almost status quo on seat numbers. It's more that the polls were so wrong, and that the smear campaign spending by Clive Palmer of $60 million mostly in Qld scared the disengaged and those who weren't well informed and that threw the election..

    Labor made mistakes but Liberals failed to say what they were going to do. At best this is just cunning and lacking in transparency. They do this over and over. Remember Tony Abbott saying no cuts to the ABC or SBS? Wham, when in government they followed as night follows day.

    Overall an interesting result because Zali Steggal (who replaced Abbott) and the new member for Wentworth Dave Sharma are each angling to influence the Liberals on climate change.

    What's funny there is that the previous incumbent Turnbull was doing exactly that. The problem is moderates have left, and they cannot have much bargaining power if the don't have the balance of power and both are in the Reps.

    What really matters is the composition of the Senate. THAT will be interesting..
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