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    I started to trade the specs in 1979 prior to the big move in Gold to US $ 800 per oz.

    I agree that we are going to see some big moves in the gold specs.

    My picks are :-

    CWG - Central West Gold got to $2.50 in 1987. could go to .75 to $1.00 if gold got going. only 10,000,000 shares on issue one of the best for patient traders.

    MCO - Mt Conquor has the morning star mine in Victoria was the single largest gold producing mine in Australia in its heyday. They could get Harmony involved !!!!!

    GED Golden Deeps got to above $2.50 during the last gold spec run, has the potential to really move. Last price .049 has been has high as .11 last year. Only 26,000,000 shares on issue.

    Any other ideas and Why?????

    Good trading
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