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    Do you serve lobsters?

    A horse goes into a bar, the barman says "why the long face?" The horse says "well, I just rerad that David Beckham was having an affair, and it kind of upset me"
    "That's perfectly understandable," says the barman.
    A bear joins them at the bar. "Can I have a pint......of beer?" says the bear. "Why the big pause?" says the barman.
    "Sorry, I was just thinking about the persistent, but completely unfounded rumour that David Beckham is cheating on his wife and I lost my train of thought."
    "That's perfectly understandable," says the barman.
    A lobster joins thenm at the bar. "Have you heard about David Beckham?" asks the lobster.
    "Yes," says the bear. "Isn't it awful?" says the horse.
    "Do you think his reputation will be permanently tarnished?" "Possibly" says the lobster.
    "Sorry to interupt," says the barman, "What do you fancy?"
    "Michael Owen's sister" says David Beckham, joining them at the bar, and the horse, the bear, the lobster and the barman can't help but laugh.

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