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RGL- Elliott Wave 3 Target at 0.22

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    I think RGL have sleep for long time already, with the new management Xavier Braud and new credentialed technical team Quarterback, I am sure recently they have prepared a lot for the coming ambitious exploration plan, there is long time without news and our share price is consolidating well to remove those impatient holders, with gold price hit US$ 1,900, it is really a very rare chance for junior gold mines with huge potential, so basically RGL has incomparable advantages among junior mines so far,

    1) According to Elliott wave theory, we are at wave 2 and and imo wave 3 start very soon, news closely monitor the volume indicator, once volume start to increase obviously means wave 3 start, wave 3 is the strongest one and it can hit 1.618 times of wave 1, thus the price target is 0.22 which align with my previous target as well;

    2) RGL management are quite reliable, Xavier Braud is from Cannacord and the new technical team are quite successful team with excellent track record;

    3) RGL is backup by the same team as BGL, look at BGL year back, same way with RGL, plus gold bull, I will keep RGL for at least 12 months;

    4) Look at top 20, it is backup by Tolga Kumova also, Ex -MD Allan Kelly also hold good position, also watch Allan Kelly's new IPO company soon is still abutting to RGL tenement, he must know more than anyone else;

    5) RGL locate at hottest gold zone - Kulnalpi area, the Randall fault seems very impressive with both Queen Lapage and Farr Jones, a lot of big mines are around RGL, company believe that Queen Lapage has huge opportunity to hold same scale as Stlves with 15Moz Au;

    6) With more news are expected to come, plus gold price keep break through new high, there is no reason that RGL share price to wait at here for long time, to me, it is just good time to accumulate as much as possible before it really run, maybe next Monday.
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