rewards hypocrisy

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    The United States is offering cash rewards for information that leads to the capture of Saddam Hussein, leaders of his regime and weapons of mass destruction. "Consistent with work we do in other parts of the world, Afghanistan for example, a rewards program has been established for information leading to the capture of key leaders" of the Baghdad regime, Brigadier General Vincent Brooks said. The US Defence Department on Friday released pictures of the 52 most wanted Iraqi leaders in the form of playing cards to be distributed throughout Iraq. "But not only personalities, also information regarding weapons of mass destruction programs" will be rewarded, he said. "There may be information regarding locations of weapons caches, any number of things may be considered." Asked how much cash was on offer, he said "the price tags vary, we think it's appropriate prices."

    Coalition forces detained 59 men who had letters offering rewards for killing American soldiers and carried a total of $US630,000, a US military spokesman said. The men were trying to leave Iraq on a bus, Brigadier General Vincent Brooks said. "At a checkpoint in the west, coalition special operations forces stopped a bus with 59 military aged men. In their possession were letters offering financial rewards for killing American soldiers and $US630,000 in $100 bills," he said. "The men and all their possessions were taken into coalition control." He said he did not know whether they were Iraqis or not.
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