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Revisiting "The Perfect Storm"

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    I have been invested in CDY for a while now and am a true believer of what this small biotech from Oz has to offer.

    Yes, I am probably as restless as many on these threads given the time it has taken for this little gem to blossom, however I am not concerned at all about what the future holds. I distinctly remember a thread initiated some 2 years ago fittingly titled “The Perfect Storm” by Dak144 which still sums up what this company is all about.

    Us biotech index up 20% each year for last 5 years. Biomarkers are the future and they are real (midkine being one). Pacific Edge uses midkine in the bladder cancer diagnostic test commercially launching in US this march(significant milestone payment to cellmid and start of royalties). Instead of invasive biopsies of bladder to detect cancer a simple urine sample will give the result(a miracle IMO) Quest diagnostics(they own the most diagnostics labs in the US) commercially launching Lung cancer diagnostic test in US this year(midkine is also a biomarker in this test, a significant milestone payment will be made and start of royalties)..instead of lung biopsies and chest scans, a simple blood test. The leverage of launching this test in particular will create unmeasurable benefits. Evolis hair loss product only clinically validated product in 24years and no side effects makes it almost too good to be true. Income from sales should start to be accounted for in the next couple of quarterlies(much more than the small trickle the company showed in the last quarterly). Global distribution of the product would value Evolis alone at multiples of 10s of millions (maybe back door listing) . This could provide enough money for our therapeutics program to be taken to another level (value is in the 100s of millions plus).. Just to mention a few certainties or near certainties for 2013 alone. Midkine protein is REAL and what manipulation of the protein will achieve is also REAL, just google the keyword MIDKINE and u will find thousands of research reports conducted across the globe with significantly important and promising results. Cellmid owns the IP. Management at cellmid is the best in the country (Martin Rodgers, Graeme Kaufman, Maria Halasz). Majority of Top 20 shareholders over the past 3years have only increased their holdings. (Just recently Martin Rodgers and Maria Halasz). The story here is Real and the share price will reflect it very very soon, today's move is nothing compared to what is still to come. Just my own thoughts, that I thought compelled to share. Please Do Your Own Research. Law of Attraction Rules !

    Throw GW PHARMA, ZOETIS & FUJIKURA KASEI into the mix (amongst other developments) it’s hard (if not impossible) to find a biotech around which holds such a large combination of assets which when looked at in aggregate offers endless possibilities, not to mention much comfort to those invested for the long term. (As always DYOR)
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