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    Since being plasted by a few old myoptic hotcopperites I decided to do a more lengthy reply to explain the marketing of GoTrek as a Killer Application..

    I have been doing some research and uncovered some very interesting numbers which are worth sharing with you.

    Worldwide sales of the following devices in 2003 are estimated to be:
    Mobile phones: 400 million
    Mobile audio entertainment devices including walkman, discman, mp3 players:
    112 million
    Pocket PCs on Windows OS: 9 million
    All PDAs including PPCs: 28.5 million

    There are significant implications for PPC (Pocket PC) Phone vendors that
    supply PPC Phones and base their growth strategy on penetrating or replacing
    the above device markets. If for instance, these vendors are to build their
    sales of PPC Phones on a strategy that these devices are PDAs rather than a
    mobile phone, then they will capture a percentage of the estimated 28.5
    million this year.

    If it is to capture a share of only the Windows OS PPC,
    then it will capture a share of the 9 milion this year in this market. It
    would appear to be far more effective for PPC Phone vendors to target for a
    share of the total mobile phone market as well as the mobile entertainment
    device market which combined and separately are significantly larger than
    the PDA market.

    The larger form (size) factor of the PPC Phone in comparison
    with other mobile phones is an obstacle for the PPC Phone in successfully
    penetrating the mobile phone market afterall we have all grown accustomed to
    smaller and smaller mobile phones. However, the PPC Phone form factor is not
    larger than the existing mobile entertainment devices and in the case of
    walkman and discman, the PPC Phone is smaller than these devices.

    The only problem is that the PPC Phone has a lack of mobile entertainment
    applications. GoTrek pay TV bundled with the PPC Phone can and will change
    all that. GoTrek TV will enable the PPC Phone to become a mobile video
    entertainment device while also providing an enhanced level of experience to
    mobile entertainment consumers who will then be attracted to migrate from
    audio to video entertainment.

    The above numbers point to one simple and obvious conclusion, PPC Phones such as the O2xda must not put too much of its growth strategy on attacking the PDA market. The PDA market is a business market rather than a consumer market and accordingly, total sales quantity will continue to be limited. For PPC Phone vendors to be more
    successful in their growth strategy, they must, at the same time as
    targeting the business sector, focus more on the consumer sector and capture
    a slice of the mobile phone market as well as the mobile entertainment
    device market. Difficulties associated with the larger form factor of PPC
    Phone in comparison with other mobile phone devices can not only be offset
    by the PPC Phone bundling with mobile media entertainment applications such
    as GoTrek TV, consumer entertainment applications such as GoTrek TV will
    open up a whole new market which PPC Phones have not been able to penetrate,
    that of the "Mobile Media" consumers.

    I trust the above information is useful reference for you.
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