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    There is good reason to believe the review may indeed be genuine, despite the involvement of Harry Wang's company. Many shareholders have actually received feedback from Alan Jury & Alan has been in touch by phone with Albidon Action. He is acting as a conduit between angry shareholders & the review team led by Kevin Hobgood-Brown - we have investor relations at long last!

    The email campaign is being toned down as we now have real dialog, we must be seen to play our part too with a show of good will. A lot has been achieved & a lot more will be too - so far we have got rid of half the Notes & the useless CEO plus got this review process underway. The next step must be the removal of ALL the Convertible Notes & this has to be our focus now - if we can get this then the share price is liberated at last.

    Albidon Action have today sent in a constructive document to the review process detailing steps we believe will be beneficial going forward: the first of these is to exchange ALL the Notes for standard debt. All shareholders are advised to echo this strategy, we must get them to focus on this - maybe you have not got involved until now yet there is a GENUINE opportunity here to do so. We do not wish to swamp the review with loads of angry emails, but emails to them highlighting the Notes issue could prove beneficial.

    Stress that you welcome the review (with reservations due to doubts about the independence of it) & that the Convertible Notes must be dealt with FIRST, by converting ALL of them to debt. Point out that no other news is worth anything if the Notes do not go first, that this is the advice of market professionals including the broker who presented to the board prior to the AGM & their own CFO David Round, that we must build a news FLOW to really grab the market's attention with this item in the vanguard. Mention that only if the Notes issue is resolved will Albidon then be able to attract the calibre of people needed to guide the company to mid-cap status, that only if the Notes issue is resolved will brokers even consider the research notes with BUY ratings.

    Many other things need to be sorted, but the Notes have to be FIRST - you have seen the response to the news of the review itself & of the CEO going, nothing. OTOH if they announce the Notes are going then watch what happens, all news thereafter actually has some meaning. If you value your stock at more than nine cents get those emails about the Convertible Notes in to

    Alan Jury
    Alan dot Jury at fd dot com
    (see the news release of the 18th)

    with CC to
    David Round
    DavidR at albidon dot com
    Harry Wang
    hwang at rsadvisory dot com

    CC also to Albidon Action if you genuinely want to help, plus stay in the loop
    albidon dot action at hotmail dot com
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