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Revenue opportunity - Microplates

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    Reading the last quarterly regarding the test run of 500 microplates as well as the mention of interest from customers for potential orders I think this is a value proposition some newer holders/readers might not have seen

    Look below at the table from an old Anteo presentation :

    The market size from what I can assertain is somewhere between  $650m - $800m

    So if we worked off a 100m microplates per year sold as Peterfred mentioned in his post which I will paste below then Anteo can significantly disrupt this market by making and selling plates that are better and many times chepaer than the current market leader.

    I think the delays are more a question of "we know what we can do and it is proven - How do we extract mazimum long term value for shareholders"

    I am sure Nunc dont want our plates out in the market many time cheaper and with better performance

    Wakey Wakey Mr market


    Peter Freds post from last week :

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