Reusable bag scam

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    There are lots of views about using the so called single use disposable grocery bags and how much they damage the environment

    Or is it just a money making exercise for the big supermarkets, the figure mentioned was about 34 million dollars improvement in the bottom line for the big two?

    Do single use bags hurt the environment ?  --- of course they do and that should be stopped
    But will the plastics problem be stopped by the ban on their use  --- No NO NO

    Research by the Helmholtz Research Centre shows
    :- Most of the plastic in our oceans doesn't get dumped there directly, rivers carry it to the sea. As it turns out, a very small number of them do most of the damage.
    But where to start? Well, in fact, that might be an easier decision to make than one would think. It turns out that about 90 percent of all the plastic that reaches the world's oceans gets flushed through just 10 rivers: The Yangtze, the Indus, Yellow River, Hai River, the Nile, the Ganges, Pearl River, Amur River, the Niger, and the Mekong (in that order).

    Helmholts Centre

    Therefore it is obvious that if we ban all plastic bags in Australia there will be no significant improvement in the problem

    This of course sounds suspiciously like the CO2 scam where the Australian component is a minimal amount and by shutting all the Coal fired power plants we do not improve anything ---- IE it's not measurable

    So just more political games which cost us in our hip pocket for no benefit
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