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Return of the dead?

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    A little frustrated - nothing new.

    I have few other stocks. All doing miserably - but that aside. One of those long cherished baby's is ucore uranium. Bit half of my investment to pieces already but what do I see...It climbed 16% on Friday. By doing that it barfed at least some of my money back out. Just for fun I follow other Ree stocks as well (TSM, GWG - damn Lucky I got out of that last one years ago). And they all jumped on that same day because Ree seem to get new attention. Even Avalon rear earths and molycorp - long gone players - made hickups. But what did ggg do on Friday at the Frankfurt exchange? Of course it dropped. I'm curious what it'll do on Monday...

    It seems to be now or never for this...this....thing. No better words for it at this moment. Now is the time to get off their asses and actually do something. They could have explored the whole of Greenland by now!! The least they can do is present a baffling study, a wondrous cooperation with Greenland Government to speed things up to the point they actually go somewhere and some terrific deals with big investors. That is the least what they must do given the time they had, chewing on the same chunk of rock.

    So what'll be for GGG, letting down the coffin or a miraculous rise? I still believe in the last, lets pray!
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