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    Hi All,

    Having completed its run up to the $1.83 rising target GTP looks to be heading into the first half in its usual style. Remember that for GTP (and the other timber MIS's) the first half is usually a loss as they spend money rather than recieve it.

    A consolidation here would be looking for $1.10 which whilst no consolation to holders from higher levels in the short term will a/ build the base for subsequent runs to new highs and b/ provide buying opportunities for those who missed the boat on the last run.

    This company remains one of my most favourite investment stocks on the ASX. Dividend yield and business overall looks primed for excellent future growth.

    Be patient though. Lows may not occur for months and there will almost certainly be good bounces on the way down to trap the unwary.

    Its times like this that will prove te adage "The stockmarket distributes wealth from the impatient to the patient."

    Good luck to all.
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