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retrace level by chart/market experince?? alpha? g

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    A request for comments on the likely retrace level (read: entry point) for SIE which I have watched with intent for a while.

    All (constructive!) comments welcome, but most directly am wondering of those with good charting sense and/or simply experience in the small end of the maket, about how a market (generally!) settles after the sharks have caused a flurry.

    My interest in SIE was (if not still is??) a short- to mid-term hold... but can't help but feel that recent action is a little too much.

    Again, any constructive!!! commentary much appreciated. (Please, no unsubstanitated opinions "headed for the stars" etc...)

    Thanks in advance

    (with a separate plea to all posters to keep the personalities out of the postings.... can you not see how such posts diminish the quality of the forum??)

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