BCA black canyon limited

***results outstanding. should soar further*******

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    If you haven't reviewed this stocks financials(released today), do it today as I consider BCA's database as the most valuable in New Zealand and Australia. It represents every individuals credit record and would be especially attractive to a bank.

    Anyway in regards to the financials some of the highlights include reduced operating cost to revenue from 57% to 51%. This figure will continue downwards according to management.

    As the New Zealand and Australian credit bureas have merged there were significant one offs which will not be repeated so they are of no concern in the future. Prrofit without this abnormals increased 41%!!!!!!!

    Furthermore cashflow remained strong increasing 43% on the previous year to $64.4 million.

    I expect this one to heasd back to at least $3.00 short term so don't miss it.

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