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results of the agm

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    Well first of all let me say it was great to meet you all at the AGM and spend some time at the Melbourne, I will send the contact details to you guys when i get a chance to type it out :)

    Westcott is a man of extensive knowledge and i am thining of poor Don right now answering those millions and millions of questions...LOL

    Well anyway it was a good AGM i thought, i must say Don is a bit of a sales man and does a good job, i was wishing i bought more this morning even for a quick trade and definaitly stuffed that one up! 6% good bye.

    Anyway as we all know There is a whole lot of ore there and near to the surface, Geoff Wedlock gave a speech as chairman and said 'he has been in the industry a long long time and is always asked about projects and how good they are, he said sundance is definatily one of the better ones'

    another good quote i liked, 'there is not many companies that arent majors that can talk about mining over 500million tonnes of ore'

    Anyway i think we should wait for Westcott as he will have a massive amount of information to give to everyone and if your a long term holder then i would have to say the AGM was very positive. They will need to refinance some time but before then im sure more drill results will be released and more positive information in regards to the feasibility.

    basically i took from the meeting that they are really close with the government, they are on the right track to gettin into production and are looking at cost cutting to be competitive with the australian and brazillian markets e.g. larger ships to take more ore to china to lower the costs of carry...

    Well i thought it was good, anyone elses thoughts?

    im looking forward to hearing from you westcott, sorry i couldnt be your scribe study calls... sigh...
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