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restructure proposal now a disaster!

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    The revelation in the quarterly activities report that the VICP/50 permit has to be surrendered leaves us with little hope of any sort of a future for EPR. The fact that the report is silent on VICP/46 is amazing. Curiously the permit remains in the permit expenditure summary but that doesn't mean that EPR's interest will be reinstated. In the absence of any info to the contrary u have to conclude that its permanently gone bearing in mind that EPR withdrew from it.

    So what is left of any substance that could result in holder value? IMHO, nothing! The CR won't get my support unless BPT can inject some exploration permits into EPR that have some reasonable prospects. The rest of the stuff is just rats and mice IMO. Unless BPT does something dramatic, I will be looking for an opportunity to exit upon completion of the restructure.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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