Response to latest issues!

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    I just wanted to inform you all on the progress of the site.

    We have noticed some issues in the recent programming changes. And in response to user feedback I just wanted to keep you informed of the situation.

    Noticeably users are using the ignore feature.

    This was programmed in to improve the options of users to filter out some of the rubbish that sometimes get posted. Now we see some issues and have had to resolve the slowness of site.

    Slow site to us = drop everything and address the issue. We have been reworking some parts of the Favourites function to make the site quicker.

    We have also been reworking the site for better navigation and to provide a better flow of a conversation. Also Yes the SEARCH function.

    I have a question: if we were to introduce a member ranking what should we base it on? My thoughts are: # of posts, # of responses to your posts, # of other members on your favourites and # of people have you on there ignore list.

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