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    I have contacted ERG yesterday and been refered to the newly appointed company secretary, who answered some questions I asked:

    1. Regarding the stockholm project being terminated and replaced by another contractor, reported by a EU media.

    Answer: You assumed what you read is acurate and correct, whihc it is not, Feb 19 is only the date of SL' team meeting not the date to decide to terminate ERG, also the other IT company you mentioned is a company' sub-contractor working for ERG, not the competitor to replace ERG for that project.

    2. Seattle project:

    Answer: many works are still going for that project, it's going, not dead.

    3. Is Duncan Saville going to take ERG to private?

    Answer: Cannot comment on this one, but you can make a guess, since when Ingot has ever been interested in managing ERG? big shareholding doesn't mean you'd like to Own it.

    Above not the exact wording but it's what I got from him.
    Again this is just a information I share with others. Don't shoot me if someone is not satisfied with the diplomatic stlye of the answer.
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