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    Hi Croupier,

    I have come to the same conclusion - 2003 looks like being a good year for most commodities.

    Macquarie Bank expects copper (the bellweather metal stock) to rise from a 2002 average of US 75c a pound to US 97.5c a pound in 2003, and then up to US 97.5c a pound in 2004.

    The leading Australian economics consultancy - Access Economics - is a bit more conservative and predicts a copper price of US 85.3c/lb in the first half of 2003, rising to US 89.1c/lb in the second half.

    Commodities picked to do well (not in any priority order)are:

    Coking Coal
    Titanium minerals
    and Zinc (which is coming off long term lows) .. Access sees zinc, over the next 2 years, rising by 30.9% ... the best "riser" of all.

    There are some other stats that I might quote later, if there is interest in this information.
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