resources boom

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    With peace breaking out around the the point of a gun....the resources sector is at the beginning of a huge bull run.With the Chinese turning out consumer goods at low prices and at a hectic rate to an expanding market[due to peace] something has to give.That will be the supply of mineral resources, new finds which are scarce.Whereas in the hi-tech sector,goods get cheaper it is not so in resources as the easy deposits are mined out.Africa,which is still 'wild' is about to get the pax treatment....dictators are a feral animal and will be exterminated where they are found,especially if they reside in a resource rich country.In Australia,previously unexplored areas will be drilled and projects that were not viable will be brought into production.Exploration companies are at an all time low[price],with most share below 50 cents so there is good opportunity for fortunes to be made in successfull companies.As with the and bio booms,there will be mercurial rises by mining minnows.Check the AGC\Hartleys Explorers Index
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