Resource stocks not the place to be IMO

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    Resource stocks are not the place to invest your money in 2015-2017- as global markets slow (mainly china) already forecasting slowing GDP growth well into single digits and CPI numbers slowing, I expect resource stocks to take a further hit in 2015

    My picks are tech stocks who are going on acquisitions to obtain subscriber numbers with solid technology platforms - i have some in mind however dont think its a good idea to promote them here.
    One small market cap company in particular is growing economies of scale and its under 2c - not for long IMO- some excellent management have taken this company by the horns and are going hard out on acquisition to multiply the revenue to ensure turnover is high - The way its designed for success is huge turnover with moderate margins -
    Technology and Energy stocks (excluding Oil and Gas) are a far better option for 2015 however be careful with energy as its volatile and needs a lot of time spent to understand them e.g solar, renewables etc...

    Disclaimer: this is purely my own opinion and not to be taken as investment advise- Do your own research!!

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