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    Well still holding over 7M of them. got a bit sad there for a while, but I haven't sold nor intend to touch them till they upgrade the JORC resrouce.

    key points to remember
    you need about $1B JORC complaint resource inground with upside to go to large scale mining...
    I think you will find that MLS are not releasing the JORC update as it makes them a prime on market takeover target as they are just too cheap.

    rather they will build up the drilling results and go for prob 2B+ new JORC assesment.

    Zince depoists are at depth not shallow, MLS are like a trunip, we are still in the top 1/3 of the turnip so expect the bell component to come as they drill deeper.
    Current dirlling is mainly to identify the shape (width of the turnip and also any more potential around there), once they get EM down at depth they can asertain what size lode they mave have potential for.

    this next stage of drilling is the key one to me and I expect some serious results based off the last two in July and Sep that were really just preparing for the drilling campain.

    price??? dunno what the traders will do, but when the news comes it will jump in the cents not points of cents overnight.

    like rice I'll be sitting well into next year as they progress....
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