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resource potential plus food for thought

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    A couple of points to be highlighted taken directly from the NSL annoucement documents......food for thought

    1. The deposits are easily accessed by sealed roads and village tracks 17km from the main town of Calicut, and are supported by power and infrastructure and port facility.
    (Note extraction/transport costs reduced - will large scale Capex still be required ??)

    2. Iron ore hill sites have been verified for at least 6km and may extend up to 8kms as series of 3 continously striking hills. ( Note: Resource )

    3. Additional Iron ore resources will undoubtedly be identified and extended by exploration to depth, along the strike and in repeating folders away from the initial sites. ( note : resource estimates of 200mt appears to be concervative and will surely be increased once final report completed by geologists)

    Food for thought....

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