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research, patience and no emotions

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    To all those who will be reading this post, one piece of advice, if you want to make money from the share market make some rules for yourself.

    1. Do your research before you buy
    2. Make sure you keep 20%-50% of your total intended investment money aside for better buying opportunities
    3. Remember, there will always be GREAT buying opportunities, you just have to be PATIENT with a CAPITAL "P".
    4. do NOT whatever you do trade on your gut feeling or your emotions. Emotions are only for the bed room and social events.
    5. Do NOT sell on a day that everyone else sells, and if possible buy with caution when everyone else sells.

    The above are my personal rules and so far I have not lost money by sticking to those rules.

    I can't stress enough: RESEARCH, PATIENCE and NO Emotions

    I hope someone would find this post useful.

    Cheers everyone
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