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    Excellent appraisal Pecan> Not much downside now Ching confirmed. It could come in up to 180 recoverable and we will know soon. I think WPL will supress the economics of the field but it looks good to be a real money spinner and to give HDR a very solid base. My personal opinion is that HDR need a bit of strong current oil production to make it a more attractive all round co to general investors. the Jingemia and the Twin Lions if successful would still need development time. HDR are stacking up to be real quality oil stock thanks to Ching. People have to remember that small to med oilers rarely get 22% stakes in say 150mbbl reserves that can pump at high flow rates. As an example WPL have a real earnings gap coming up because there Timor reservoir which is 150 mbblwill run out in 2 years. It will have only lasted 4-5 years at 80-100k bopd. If that size reservoir can really impact a WPL with only 25% unhedged oil production think what the cashflow of 22% of that type of reservoir does for a HDR. this is without considering all the other salt domes in Mauritania
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