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    Dear fellow shareholders

    Well decided to make the journey north to supposably the 'Sunshine' Coast and was hit with an abundance of cloud and rain. A mate of mine who is also a pretty heavy investor Within ResApp decided to come along... We attended both days. BL was present on the first day and Tony and Brian were present on the 2nd day. Overall it was an excellent 2 days filled with interesting presentations from various companies. Had one-on-one meetings throughout the day with CEO's and company representatives from several companies I had/have interests in but BL and TK's meeting took the cake.

    Pleasure meeting some fellow investors and putting a name to a face @mumstheword @GCInvestor @Mickeedee @Deadant was great to meet up with you and discuss this investment. Seeing TK's & BL's face when @mumstheword showed his licence plate number "RESAPP"   priceless!!! @GCInvestor was hoping to catch up with you a little more but was hoping to get a little bit more out of TK before you left. Anyways it was lovely meeting you all and chatting to some of you after the event..

    So the presentation was very well presented by Tony Keating I will try and attach the video I recorded - it goes for about 17 minutes... very good slides and body language...

    A group of current shareholders and potential shareholders circled around Tony Keating after the presentation. Jotted down some notes that I found interesting/new..

    1. Expecting CE clearance very very shortly.

    2. TK & BL have been in close communication with BSI ( our notified body for CE certification) details of the discussions could not be commented on but it was stated that if there were issues they would have been announced to the market, nothing has been announced so in this case no news is good news.. Considering it's coming on 6 months now before a decision is granted means that IMO the imminent news should be a positive outcome.

    3. A trading halt will be required when CE certification is granted. "this will be our next trading halt" stated BL, hmmmm I then questioned this saying well what about sleep apnea that is due before the end of this quarter?! "true but doesn't mean it's coming out by then" stated BL..  So there is only one more trading day before the end of this month. IMO either we are going into a trading halt tomorrow or we are hit with some pretty substantial news on Monday or we continue to wait past this point for some pretty substantial news... if I recall late last year we didn't have a trading halt for the Sleep Apnea results as the results were out over the weekend and  were released on the Monday. So I guess then that wouldn't count as a trading halt in which case CE could follow afterwards...

    4.BSI will audit the company every year in August

    5. During the US SmartCough-C2 studies three major US hospitals were utilised for collecting data for the kids trial for six end points - pneumonia, croup, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, lower respiratory tract infections & asthma. It is proposed for the adult studies that 6 different sites will be utilised to test separate end points individually. This should ultimately improve percentage outcomes as it eliminates the adjudicators having to sift through all of the recordings to analyse the data to reach a consensus. Results should have a faster turnaround time...

    6. Overwhelming positive response from the ATS conference presented by Peter Moschovis refer to this post for further details of the presentation Post #:38443152  Tony's expectations were high but he didn't believe that the response was going to be as fantastic as it was. Obviously the medical professionals who witnessed the presentation can see a huge need for this tech and can see just how amazing it actually is... Remember folks a chest x-ray is only really about 70% accurate at the end of the day, doctors with stethoscopes have around the same level of accuracy if not slightly lower, ResApp scored above 70% for three of the main respiratory diseases that have the greatest market penetration...

    7. TK stated that the US study is currently being submitted in peer reviewed medical journal publication AWESOME! IMO this means huge media attention when published and more weight added for FDA clearance.

    8. German hospital to commence pilot study after CE certification is granted.

    9. Sleep apnea results still scheduled to be released by the end of this quarter according to TK. They will be targeting around 580 test subjects similar to that of the previous study.

    10. Chinese partner will be looked for in order to commence CFDA application. Informal discussions have been taking place. IP has protection with patent pending in China, when a Chinese company is involved and has their own money invested it is less likely for infringement of our IP?!

    11. ResApp set prices of 5 to $10 per use will be based on the country of origin the deals are signed up in.

    12. BL still foresees a takeover before any revenue is generated $2 was figure thrown around.

    13. Australian adult results will also be submitted into a peer review medical journal.

    14. CE submission for Australian adults coming up very soon

    It was a worthwhile couple of days...
    Got really good vibes out of the guys, expecting very positive news to come very shortly. With a bright and positive future ahead for ResApp.

    PS. Tried to attach the video on a few occasions but not successful... When clicking "upload file“ it states -" the uploaded file does not have an allowed extension" oh well tried, anyway not much new in the presentation today compared with previous presentations so if you watch one of the old presentations from the TecKnow invest then you can recap this way...

    Hopefully all the information above provided helps you out in some way or another...

    All the very best everyone!


    Red bar
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