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Rerating Coming

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    Major re rating coming given news expected in the next month. We will see a new mine plane that will probably show 120/0z pa production for first 3 years. This has huge implications for the cashflow in the early years. We will see the debt package signed off after this comes out as clearly it show just how profitable this project is.
    We will see more results from deeper and wider holes at Slyfox which will give us more information as to wether this is an addition 100/0z or heading to 300-400/oz!
    We may see a drilling program for Glenburgh after hopefully identifying plenty of new targets. This project has been forgotten by the market and it has plenty of upside and value and not many emerging producers with two projects on their books. We may see a Dalgaranga construction timetable and a progress report.
    All of these bits of news flow combined will result in a rerating of the stock. Its now way to cheap compared to DCN,GOR BLK if you look at production profile, AISC and market cap.
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