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    Hi Pat,

    Currently posted in the General (ASX) forum is a range of geo-political commentary under the thread of (sic) "Saddam is complying with UN resolutions".

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with the thread (should posters wish to engage in this type of debate), it would appear that the thread is better placed if it were to be moved to the General forum.

    I have already posted to this effect in support of Olive's observations on the thread, and since then Gyro has agreed with the views Olive and I have posted. So too, Arthur.

    It is not that this type of debate should be discouraged, but it unnecessarily clutters the General (ASX) forum, thereby preventing debate on sectoral issues, macroeconomic developments, etc from taking place (ie: gold being one such sectoral issue which extends beyond ASX specific discussion).

    I would, therefore, appreciate it if you could investigate and, if in agreement, re-position the thread in its proper forum setting.
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