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    Will the Indonesian PM give an 11th hour reprieve to the two drug smugglers?

    If he does, will it send a message to all other past, current and future drug smugglers from Australia, that they have a good chance of escaping the Indonesian law.

    These drug smugglers could have inflicted death and family heartache to many had they escaped capture. They could have been driving expensive cars and living the high life with hookers and living a hedonistic lifestyle at other peoples expense!

    8kgs of heroin is in no way for personal use, rather, rewarding financial gain to others detriment.

    I personally have no sympathy at all for their fate. They well and truly knew the risks.

    They deserve to pay the price as dictated by the country in which they abused the law of the land.

    They may have feigned,or actually have rehabilitated during their captivity over the past 10 years. However, that does not in my opinion exonerate them from their initial crime for which the death penalty was their potential "reward"

    Perhaps their ultimate fate will serve a lesson for all who follow. Or will it?
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