reporters claim they are being backgrounded

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    I first read about 'backgrounding' earlier this week.
    In that case it involved the pm calling the editor, and telling him to retract a story about her, told him to pull it, not to print it....but they said no, she could complain to the proper council (whatever its name is, regarding a reporters code of practice)
    I think it was the fairfax editor.

    In another article I have seen a reference to backgrounding as putting dirt on the messenger, in order to bring the messenger into disrepute, typical labor style dirty tricks.c

    Now I see this message, is it coded, or is it another case of the pm complaining, or threatening another media site.?

    "I have today had reporters ringing me who have been "backgrounded" about a lawyer associated with this matter. Reporters have told me that they have been sent information about a lawyer and a disputed matter in his past. You can put two and two together about who's doing the backgrounding. Just like people are backgrounding about Ralph. Just like the comments Jon Faine made today about me."
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