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Report draws line in the sand

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    IMO, a very informative and balanced report clearly outlining history and staged progression to date. The increased explanation of rationale in recent decision making provides a greater sense of purpose and direction.

    Obviously at a major turning point in the company’s future with many reasons to believe a few more essential milestones being ticked off the ‘to do list’ and there is great scope for a re-rate.

    The deafening silence on HC since the report demonstrates it has given many people cud to chew. Perhaps even concern people with the timeframes discussed as opposed to expectations.

    I really enjoyed reading the positives and negative in regard to TRR and the implications of early offtake for start-up cost recovery. There appears to be real wisdom with the board.

    One understated aspect of the report is how little it will take to change the tone and growth of this stock. The shorter term potential ride up pushed by impending and critical news was undermined by the thought process that things will only really change with institutional investors.

    IMO the report was address to institutional investors and provided a great backdrop for a self-fulfilling prophecy of down trending the sp in order for greater uptake. I will hold tight as I firmly believe by all reports, we are only steps away from a trend change.
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