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repeat run looks highly on the cards

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    Some time ago I had a great run on this stock as witnessed by my earlier posting.I have watched closely the debate going on at HC,the level of shouting is clear,on balance I predict that something has finally come to fruition,apart from Alpha old out-of- date comments,its time to go again .

    I put my money where my mouth is and brought 200,000 today at 5.6c.

    I repeat my earlier posting
    posted on GC(2"

    Subject to advance with new mobile technology
    Posted 30/10/02 12:21 - 4 reads
    Posted by Monty
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    GCN goconnect trading at 11 c is about to introduce technology for delivering messages over mobiles---it has been described as a killer application.If you ever travelled to Japan or China (HK) you will know how mad they are on this.A Chinese fund recentlly became a 5% holder of the company,as the directors have enormously strong links,one can expect a real bounce.

    Technically the stock has signalled a chart breakout.A quick lift to 15+ is expected.

    The Gotreck technology has now been adopted by a wide range of MAJOR companies for delivering live TV."
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