Rents in Brisbane to rise under Labor new policy, page-2

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    What a load of bollocks! The conservatives on the one hand pretending rents will go up while also pretending that property values are going to collapse. Something perverse about such contradiction! Anyway, if prices ease maybe more people can afford to buy their own home rather than rent.

    Investors under Labor’s proposals will transfer into the property market in droves via new constructions in order to still get their tax breaks. That will increase the actual rental stock available and create stability in the rental market. Further, when the investor gets to a point where they have maximised their tax minimisation and decide to sell more renters will be better positioned to buy such homes because there will be less competition from high end investors because once sold they do not attract the tax benefits.

    The disgrace is that the proportion of people who are forced to rent has been going up due to un-affordability because owner/occupiers are having to compete with more affluent investors even for older properties. This will change under Labor’s proposals and watch the construction industry change its tune when investment money flows there way because Labor's plan will allow negative gearing on new constructions.

    The Australian dream of home ownership has been whittled away over time with home ownership by owner occupiers at a low. It’s time for an innovative govt to do something about that so home ownership can once again become a reality for the many currently forced to rent permanently and who are at the mercy of the investors in both established homes and new constructions.

    The view being peddled by the Coalition on this is just further proof that the current govt is all about favouring the property investors over the Australian dream of owning a home.
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