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    Several negative posters have devout views on causes of the woes of this company over the past 3 - 4 years. Many seem to be past employees or punters caught out with the plummeting SP and massive dilution.
    Over recent months MA has rolled up his shirt sleeves and entered the workforce to attempt to rectify the often critised problems with the plant and circuit. Perhaps the minesite management have been unable to fix the problems because they were too close to see them and would not objectively cooperate with the board to turn things around.
    Recent anouncements seem to show an encouraging trend of improvement.
    I now look forward to the quarterly and July production figures as if they confirm the recent trends the present shareholders should be pleasantly suprised.
    I speculated some months ago that if MA could not turn this around someone else should be given a go. A takeover seemed like a real posibility.
    Now we could have a solid gold producer with reasonable profits and plenty of room for improved production at a reducing cash cost as a direct result of managements efforts.
    Now looking much healthier. Accumulating again.
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