renewables not the solution

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    apologies if it has been mentioned previously.

    the south australia premier is going to have a royal commision into the use of nuclear power.  this was announced a week or two ago - and it was obvious at the time of the announcement, was that the south australian premier wants nuclear power .  more recently bolt has written a few columns on the matter.

    for all the windfarms that south australia may have, the stark reality is that baseload power is always required.  the south australian premier is virtually saying that wind farms (or solar) are a waste of time.

    one thing for sure, is that when a nuclear power plant is built - it will be working 24 hours per day, every day of the year - with no allowance for closing down the generators for when the sun is shining, or when the wind is blowing.

    funny - but the anti nuclear people, would now be the climate alarmists .... just doom doom doom people... anyway, from bolts blog:

    Last December, two warmist professors, Tasmania University’s Barry Brook and Adelaide University’s Corey Bradshaw, warned that wind or solar power were simply too expensive and unreliable to save us.

    No, they said in an open letter signed by 75 equally green experts: “Nuclear power ... must be deployed to replace the burning of fossil fuels, if we are to have any chance of mitigating severe climate change.”

    Many of global warming’s greatest gurus have now gone nuclear, too.
    Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, who keeps predicting warming will kill the Great Barrier Reef, announced last year that he’d “definitely changed my position” on nuclear power, which for “too long ... has been the butt of scaremongering”.
    In fact, “nuclear power can provide low-cost, carbon-free electricity improving the lives of billions of people”.

    James Lovelock, inventor of the “Gaia” principle, likewise urged “my friends in the movement to drop their wrongheaded objection to nuclear energy”.

    Leading popularisers of the warming panic such as James Hansen, George Monbiot and Mark Lynas have made the same switch.

    So who could be against nuclear now? Against the science? Against the planet?

    nothing wrong with nuclear, and if global warming scaremongers now embrace nuclear, then who are the plebs to complain - this is a perfect WIN WIN .

    watso does not remotely believe in the global warming rubbish, but hey, if alarmists think that nuclear is the solution, then so be it - because watso is 100% in favour of nuclear energy

    oh - don't start any clap trap about thorium reactors as being the solution - that may well be the case down the road, but not now
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