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Rene Rivkins comments PWR

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    The market hates uncertainty and Ive even had discussions with Investorweb over>>>they tried for ages to get through to PWR with no response---so the company itself could do more on the investor side.
    I think what RR is saying is that the risk outweighs the reward as the second half depends on the euntrepenurial ability of the management team>>>so it is an unknown.
    The forecast estimate for full year net profit is 12.3 million dollars--this will be subject to how the company restructures.
    In the company announcement section Theo Baker states, that he wants to get out of business that have low margins of between 5 and 7% and get into businesses that have margins of 35%---he has also stated that he wants a change of company name and he wanst all of this accomplished by June the 30th of this year.
    So Powerlan shareholders await the future and what it brings.
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