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    Hey all,

    I'm a subscriber to his newsletter and I thought I would point out something interesting I found when reading it.

    I think it was in Issue #291??? ... not entire sure, but it was a long issue and it came straight after jury found him guilt. He wrote that he had received a letter from a subscriber showing support for him and trying to rally support and getting other subscribers to write in showing that support. This unsolicited supporter wanted to present the letters to the judge prior to sentencing today. Rivkin made it a point to say that this supporter and the letter was unsolicited and that he didnt know the person.

    Anyway, I noticed that this supported, her name was Irene Otter. She is in the Top 20 shareholders of his company RFS!!!!

    Are you telling me he didnt know who she was!! what a joke!!!! He knows everyone in that Top 20!!!! And that brings to doubt that the letter was unsolicited ..!! hahahahh ...

    Another thing!!! I hear people saying that he only made $300 odd, and that there are many more out there insider trading, making much more and getting away with it.

    But thats the problem!! If people are so upset about it and see it happening .... why dont you summon the courage to report it to ASX or ASIC??? The problem, as I see it is that when people can make a quick buck ... they will take it.

    What do you think?
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