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    The next item of Ordinary Business, as set out in the Notice of Meeting, is the advisory
    “That Valad Funds Management Limited’s remuneration report for the year ended 30 June
    2008 be adopted.”
    Would any Securityholder like to direct any questions to the Board, management or the
    Company’s auditor, relevant to the Remuneration Report?
    Any questions?
    Is there a mover for the resolution?
    Thank you.
    Is there a seconder?
    Thank you.
    If no one else wishes to speak here are the proxies received:
    Proxies Resolution One
    FOR: 167,173,757
    OPEN: 5,283,756
    AGAINST: 551,096,448


    lol ... serves them right!!! Let the directors eat dog food sandwiches for the rest of the year:)

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