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removing the cloak

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    The 8 current wells are all "conventional " wells.Mention has been made several times by Mariion before of "unconventional" prospects,including reference to CBM. Queensland Gas,and others,often refer to their Coal Bed Methane assets as "unconventional" gas plays. The new website tells us that when drilling one of the 8 (ASD3-17) they found an additional reservoir,adding a 4th to 3 others described as "unconventional and previously unknown reservoirs" in the CCunit.They conclude with"Independant Engineers have estimated a gas-in-place potential resource for these COALS(referrring to more than,but including ,the 4)of 1.5T of gas".Sounds to me like there is likely to be 1T of "convential" and 1.5T of "unconvential" gas in CC. We might be looking at the uncloaking of the CBM potential of CC. Clear Creek is a gem!
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