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    Just a question, HC has removed a lot of posts for a lot of people in various shares.

    No explanation has ever been given.

    Now I look again and whole swathes of HDR posts have disappeared. Some of mine, those especially pointing out information released to the ASX at the AGM on pages 9 thru 12 on there presentation made on the 25/11/2004.

    Now I think it was new information. It is a factual report, was released to the ASX on 25/11. I am at a loss to explain HC's behavior.

    Just do a search of HDR ... Remember chatter about some WPL/HDR stuff. There were three threads and all but one gone.

    In the past same happened with another nameless company .

    Posts rumoring of inside information still remain, however others have disappeared. Especially ones reputed made by the managing director of the company and ones containing any reference to the original post. Ones of people claiming to have sat next to the MD and obtained inside information still remain.

    I can understand posts disappearing with racially biased views.

    I can understand posts disappearing with claims of inside information.

    Whole swathes of a discussion of this nature disappeared from HDR posts last week rumoring of some reputed offer. Do a search !

    Months ago thought I ASIC was conducting some investigation and took the time to speak to some old timers via e-mail. Now the same stuff is going on.
    I haven't abused anyone on HC until yesterday, and even not badly then.

    Never suggested inside information.

    Never claimed to be a licensed investment advisor.

    Can you come up with a reason why they have pulled mine and numerous other posts ?
    Whilst HC of course owns this site and has the right to do anything it likes, I for one would humbly ask for an explanation as to the actions.
    As a contributor for many years, and taking the time to post on over 60 companies in the last 12 months and in some great detail would like HC to post some guideline and explanation.

    On past behavior I would presume this post will be pulled with no explanation.

    If I don't know why they are pulled, not much use in bothering posting.

    Especially when the likes of some quality posters remain.
    How many of us don't have Goblin or SB2000 on ignore? Goblin with 15,145 posts and SB2000 with 9,387 posts.
    HC you have my e-mail if you choose not to respond in public.
    Good luck to all Posters
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