removal of posts

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    HotCopper admin. It seems you have taken the liberty of removing a sizeable portion of the interesting threads written over the particular some of the quite productive, non-offensive discussion on topics such as the US economy, inflation, direction of world markets etc.
    Many people are starting to question your motives. It appears that removal of posts is very arbitrary and less than objective. I don't know who is influencing you here, but the quality, maturity, integrity, and knowledge level of your moderators is beginning to be questioned.
    Many posters are very unhappy with you negating their time and effort by deleting their messages. They are leaving this website in droves, or not posting at all, and it is becoming all too evident by the current standard of the board.
    It's about time you explained yourselves. Why do you persist with this, and at the same time leave disgusting, offensive posts remaining on the board?
    You can totally forget about people donating to HC when you are running it in such a way.
    Please make an effort to reply or it will be pursued further. Address the reason why you removed the weekend's threads.

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