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    Does this letter attached above illustrate that Possibly from time to time OM are invited or possibly contracted(paid for service) to provide feedback or opinion on listing rules etc.?
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    Who's stopping you from challenging any opinion
    or article you disagree with?

    Perhaps there are people out there that don't think
    ISX are in the right. Perhaps there people out there that think ISX have done something wrong.

    Unfortunately for those who don't share that opinion
    there isn't someone in the media that support them.

    I google isignthis almost everyday to see if there is
    any new news and in the last 10 months I have yet to see any news organisation side with ISX or question ASX
    in any way.

    The only pro ISX is on HC and Twitter.

    What does that mean?
    Maybe nothing
    Maybe there is a giant conspiracy and every news organisation is on the ASX payroll
    Maybe no one other than ISX holders care about this.
    Maybe there is reason independent people are not supporting ISX.
    Maybe I'm not a lowly shareholder and I'm actually a spy for ASX gathering information for my overlords.

    I will grant you this though. JA does seem to have bee in his bonnet about ISX. I would have thought there would more interesting articles to write.
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