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    A reminder of some basic guidelines for posting in the Politics forum to help keep debate civil...
    • New threads should be started with the intent for relevant and genuine political discussion and not low content ridiculing style baiting for retorts. Low content new threads may be moved to a suitable existing thread.
    • Post a link to substantiate when stating fact in thread titles and opening posts. If posting opinion, make it clear it is your opinion especially in the opening post and thread title. These two simple things can help a thread to get off to a civilised start.
    • HC does not want sensationalist or propaganda styled political thread titles running through the latest posts page, so any considered to be sensationalist are likely to be altered to something more generic or the title of an article posted in the opening post.
    • Don't post photo-shopped images especially those used for propaganda as they are often unsubstantiated and usually only serve to bait other members to create a string of counter images which only serves to clog up the threads which are intended for discussion.
    • Refer to public figures by their correct name or title. Comments on appearances or clothing is not political discussion and unnecessary as are derogatory commentry of families. This is no place for sexist or gender based comments.
    • No broadside insults to other members (eg leftards, rightards, nutjobs, tea party types, communists, nazis, facists, extremists, etc, etc).
    • Mods don't see everyone of the several thousand daily posts so better to report a post that breaches the posting guidelines than hit back yourself on the forum.

    All HC's other posting guidelines still apply:

    Happy posting guys...
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