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    News on a slow day for those that care to remember

    Greenie up to his old tricks again read on......

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    Posted - 19/02/2003 : 5:39:14 PM

    Posted By:NIXONJF92 on 19/02/2003 3:27:28 PM

    Title: READ and SAVE this post NOW

    PHILTHY has once again banned NIXON, aka Greenpastures. Has he nominated and appointed himself as CEO of Investorweb, a publically listed company? No stalking of honest and competent posters should be tolerated, especially they be disabled persons.


    It seems Philthy can't help himself. His "EGO" gets in the way of TRUTH. It seems Philthy does what WAVEDUDE and TONIC tell him to do like a puppet on a string. The question is why?

    I encoureage all top readers and postewrs to write a firm but polite letter to the CEO of Investorweb and the Chairman also to get Greenpastures reinstated and to stop the perverse stalking which has been going on for 18 months now.

    I personally feel that Philthy (Phil Moore) should be dismissed from his job as IT manager of Investorweb. Its hard to find an IT job these days Philthy. Think about it.

    So honest minority, kick up a big fuss to the top of the hierachy. Ps. I am a disabled person. have been since 1994.

    Top of the hierachy can be found at the ASX site.

    Go to;

    and click on compnay information under comany research (which is not working at the moment)

    Otto Butula is the CEO of IWL. He does not declare an email. Send a letter to their address in Collins Street.



    Posted By:NIXONJF92 on 19/02/2003 3:27:28 PM


    Posted By:LEARM8 on 19/02/2003 3:34:24 PM

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