religions and other persuasions

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    I am a Presbyterian. Yes, youj wouldn't have known it to look at me - but I am.

    Would appreciate it if people would not mention this in any
    critical posts, as I will be very irate. And TOU-ey!

    Presbyterians are perfect. That's why I'm one!
    I have noticed many criticisms on here of Presbyterians over the months - and it's just not kosher!

    I told the Minister at the Kirk - and he's horribly annoyed too. Says they're always picking on Preseys! Because we wear funny skirts - and no underpants! and keep our change in the old sporran!

    Aye, laddies - and lassies, my religion should not come into it! You can hate my politics - but leave my religion out of it.

    Catholics and others of lesser churches can be horrible, and badly behaved, but never me. They can tell lies - but never me! So criticise them, and leave we Scots alone. A member of the true Kirk 'O Scotland, I am. Aye, many other Presbyterians on here too - and you will offend them too if you insinuate anything about them and any bad behaviour.

    Tch tch - well I never. I'm off to tune up the pipes.
    And practice my Highland Fling.

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